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The tape that rocks! (Rock Tape)


With the 2020 Australian CrossFit Championships just around the corner, we thought we would touch base on that colourful tape we are seeing elite athletes, from across a range of sports, don in a bid to find a competitive edge.

Collectively known as ‘Kinesiology Tape’ (KT); The tape is sold under several brands including Rock Tape, KT Tape and Kinesio.

Unlike a typical rigid tape, which aims to restrict movement, kinesiology tape provides support through a dynamic range of movements.

The tape first hit the global stage at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. While athletes looking to gain a 1% edge may have been the original target market, the tape has since been applied to a range of conditions, offering a source of additional therapy to help the everyday person.

The tape is proposed to offer three key benefits:

  1. Pain reduction – through alteration to nervous system inputs, promoting resumption of normal movement.

  2. Reduction in acute episodes of swelling and bruising – through physical decompression allowing removal of waste and promotion of blood flow.

  3.  Improved mechanical function – through promotion of slide and glide between tissue and fascial layers.

While the experts are still looking into how KT does what it does, the anecdotal reports and continual use in elite level sport looks promising.

Our osteopath, Dan, was recently part of the Rock Tape team at the 2020 Australian CrossFit Championships, based in the Gold Coast, and is our go-to guy on all things kinesiotape at Retrain Health.


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