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We believe that everyone should have access to high quality healthcare, whether it be in person or from home. Our telehealth consultation allow us to provide this service for our patients. 

Retrain Health's Telehealth service has been designed by our principal osteopath Dr Nick Re. 

Nick has used his years of experience in creating and delivering wellness programs and health initiatives in workplaces, to tailor the Retrain Health Telehealth service to suit the needs of our patient base. 

During your Telehealth consult we will: 

  • Take your full medical history

  • Discuss your symptoms and goals 

  • Provide a diagnosis

  • Develop a treatment plan 

  • Give you a rehabilitation program that includes stretches, exercises and self-treatment 

  • Watch you perform self-management strategies and provide real time feedback

A Telehealth consult with Nick offers the same high level of care as a face to face consult and has lead to Nick conduction consultation around the world for all sorts of patients including elite athletes and the everyday person. 


Retrain Heath Telehealth Osteopathy
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