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Comprehensive Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing and Methylation Testing

Welcome to a ground-breaking step towards personalized health at our Byron Bay allied health clinic! We're excited to offer comprehensive genetic testing that goes beyond the ordinary, exploring over 90 genes to illuminate crucial aspects of your health, including how your body processes vital nutrients through methylation—a key focus in recent health advancements globally.

Why Genetic Testing?

Our genetic test is a valuable investment in your health journey. With just one test, you'll gain lifelong insights because your genes remain the same. This detailed understanding of your genetic makeup enhances current health evaluations and informs all future medical considerations—ranging from routine blood work to susceptibility to illnesses. Tailored to you, this test provides personalized advice on nutrition, diet, supplements, exercise, and more, helping you navigate potential allergies and intolerances with precision.

How It Works:
  1. Initial Consultation: Join us for a one-on-one session to discuss your medical history and address specific health concerns you may have.

  2. Genetic Testing: Proceed with our state-of-the-art genetic test at your convenience.

  3. Comprehensive Analysis: If needed, we can extend our investigations to include additional tests like gut biome analysis.

  4. Results and Recommendations: We will send you the genetic report to review at your leisure. After a week, we'll invite you back for a detailed discussion to interpret the findings, answer your questions, and offer customized recommendations based on your unique genetic profile.


​Embark on this personalized journey to better health, longevity, and wellbeing. Discover how your unique genetic blueprint can lead you to a healthier life. Schedule your initial consultation today and let us guide you through a transformative health experience designed just for you.

Book Your Genetic Testing Now

Take the step to improved health by booking your comprehensive genetic testing now!

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